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Some Additional Stuff That Might Be Stimulating

Julian Reid spoke at some length in respect of parrhesia about how Foucault referred to the cynics, a bunch of hated thinkers active during some time in Greece being very happy to say the truth and not only that but to take of their clothes in public and do things with their pickles.

William Desmond published in ’08 a very interesting book where their influence is radically revised.

Once regarded as a minor Socratic school, Cynicism is now admired as one of the more creative and influential philosophical movements in antiquity. First arising in the city-states of late classical Greece, Cynicism thrived through the Hellenistic and Roman periods, until the triumph of Christianity and the very end of pagan antiquity. In every age down to the present, its ideals of radical simplicity and freedom have alternately inspired and disturbed onlookers.This book offers a survey of Cynicism, its varied representatives and ideas, and the many contexts in which it operated. William Desmond introduces important ancient Cynics and their times, from Diogenes ‘the Dog’ in the fourth century BC to Sallustius in the fifth century AD. He details the Cynics’ rejection of various traditional customs and the rebellious life-style for which they are notorious. The central chapters locate major Cynic themes (nature and the natural life, Fortune, self-sufficiency, cosmopolitanism) within the rich matrix of ideas debated by the ancient schools. The final chapter reviews some moments in the diverse legacy of Cynicism, from Jesus to Nietzsche.

William Desmond: Cynics (2008)


Here some texts from day 2 – more towards curating today.

Reinhart Koselleck: Crisis

Reinhart Koselleck: “Space of Experience” and
“Horizon of Expectation”: Two Historical Categories

Jacques Ranciere: Disagreement

Kaja Silverman: The Author as Receiver

Here some related stuff to Simon Sheikh’s seminar – day 1.

Habermas: The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere

Negt & Kluge: Public Sphere and Experience

Raciere: Disagreement

Kaja Silvermann: The Author as Receiver

Simon Sheikh Reading – Some Awesome Text

Tomorrow we start again at 16.30 with Simon Sheikh the man from Denmark living and working in Berlin – art historian and curator with a particular interest in the formation of public space.

Simon in a mail: the trajectory is planned to move from theory to practice to theory-as-practice on ecah day. Day one will be on the notion of producing a public, day two on the concept and practice of curating in relation to these issues, leading up to day 3, which will discuss the idea of horizons in political imaginaries and artistic imagination.

Here some text that we can read, however Simon says no need to read your eyes out until the middle of the night.

Simon Sheikh: Positively Representation of Banking Revisited

Simon Sheikh: Positively Protest Aesthetics Revisited

Simon Sheikh: Positively Trojan Horses Revisited

Michel Foucault’s Six Lectures on Parrhesia

Discourse and Truth: the Problematization of Parrhesia.
6 lectures given by Michel Foucault at the University of California at Berkeley, Oct-Nov. 1983

” My intention was not to deal with the problem of truth, but with the problem of truth-teller or truth-telling as an activity. By this I mean that, for me, it was not a question of analyzing the internal or external criteria that would enable the Greeks and Romans, or anyone else, to recognize whether a statement or proposition is true or not. At issue for me was rather the attempt to consider truth-telling as a specific activity, or as a role. ” Discourse & Truth, Concluding remarks by Foucault.

See it all here

Julian Reid Seminar day 2

Today focus on security

Jacques Derrida: Rouges (2003)

Julian Reid Seminar Day 1

Check out some stuff and some other stuff.

Carl von Clausewitz: On War as Julian proposed a totally unreadable bunch of pages but check out book one and eight. The text that defined the notion of war since early 19th century.

Gilles Deleuze & Felix Guattari: Treatise on Nomadology

David Harvey: A Brief History of Neoliberalism (2007)

Catherine Mills: Normative Violence, Vulnerability, and Responsibility (2007)

Here a bunch of awesome mp3’s from a conference in Zagreb “To Have Done With Life” – among other Ray Brassier, Martin Hägglund, Benjamin Noys, Evan Calder Williams.