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Agora Seminar @ PAF 10 – 19 August ’11

August 9, 2011

This blog features news, information, text and the lot concerning the Agora Seminar now happening in PAF. The first three days we will be engage in a seminar with Nina Power directly from the riots in London. For some five to seven hour per day we will engage in strategies of how to operate from the barricades in a contemporary manner.

PAF has full house and we have no intentions of stepping down from any kind of position, just obtain new ones, harder, less willing to any kind of compromise, and yet at PAF we operate without aim however convinced we are.

The Agora Seminar is also the starting point for the elaboration of the follow up piece to the very successful Oedipus My Foot from earlier this year. Due mid October we will premiere “As You Like It, A body Part” in Steirischer Herbst and we tell you, you will like it – you will like it.

Next to Nina’s seminar we are convinced about the relation between Shakespeare and the minimalist Terry Riley, so next days we also start up a kind of Agora Orchestra and no it’s not the same as street musicians playing covers of El Condor Pasa, but close.

We meet at 15.00 hours and work until 20.00 – no shopping and everybody is welcome.

Before tomorrow seminar we will read the following:

and Nina Power’s recent book One Dimensional Woman (2010)


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