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Simon Sheikh Reading – Some Awesome Text

August 16, 2011

Tomorrow we start again at 16.30 with Simon Sheikh the man from Denmark living and working in Berlin – art historian and curator with a particular interest in the formation of public space.

Simon in a mail: the trajectory is planned to move from theory to practice to theory-as-practice on ecah day. Day one will be on the notion of producing a public, day two on the concept and practice of curating in relation to these issues, leading up to day 3, which will discuss the idea of horizons in political imaginaries and artistic imagination.

Here some text that we can read, however Simon says no need to read your eyes out until the middle of the night.

Simon Sheikh: Positively Representation of Banking Revisited

Simon Sheikh: Positively Protest Aesthetics Revisited

Simon Sheikh: Positively Trojan Horses Revisited


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